Business Valuation Methodology


Whilst it is not uncommon for spouses to be in dispute as to the value of significant assets such as real estate, we have also found that for many years disputes in relation to the value of businesses are regularly a cause of litigation in the Family Court.

In our experience it is of fundamental importance to have a sound understanding of the various methodologies used by the accounting profession to reach opinions as to the value of private businesses.

Our clients often need to be advised of the various technical considerations relevant to reaching a preliminary view as to the value of a business.


Often upon receiving such advice, the client can save considerable time and money by marshalling the financial information necessary to enable us to provide detailed advice as to the issues likely to arise and the potential outcomes in terms of value.

In appropriate cases, a brief can be given any of a number of chartered accountants with whom we have professional dealings in respect of these types of issues.

Clients appreciate an early explanation in layman's terms of the relevant rules and protocols applied in both the Federal Circuit Court of Australia and the Family Court of Australia in relation to determining valuation issues.

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